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Nursing Home Abuse & Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Carl Brown is an elder care law attorney based in Fresno, California.

If your loved one has been injured while in the care of a nursing home, contact a nursing home abuse attorney or an elder abuse lawyer at Carl Brown Law today. Nursing home negligence or elder abuse is a problem that should get more attention than it does. Elderly people often lack the ability to protect or care for themselves, and they need the assistance of others to get through the daily chores of life. When a nursing home or assisted living facility is charged with that duty, it takes on a great responsibility in caring for the loved ones of others.

Most nursing homes do great work, but there are cases of elder abuse or neglect.

If one of your loved ones has been the victim of an abusive or negligent nursing home, suffered a personal injury, call our office today to speak about your legal options.

Carl Brown would be proud to put his experience and knowledge to work for your benefit in this serious matter.

There are a variety of ways in which a facility can be guilty of negligence or nursing home abuse, including:

  • Physical abuse

  • Failure to administer medication properly

  • Poor diet

  • Unsanitary conditions

  • Emotional abuse

It is important to take quick action if you notice signs of any of the above.

Depending on the age and health of the elderly person that is involved, the situation could become serious quite rapidly.

Stopping any abuse or neglect immediately is the first order of business. Remaining legal action can be sorted out once the elderly person is safe and being properly cared for.

Call our office today if you would like to receive a free consultation into the details of your situation. We understand that elder abuse and nursing home abuse cases are very serious and our team is ready to get to work protecting the rights of you and your loved ones.

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