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Motorcycle accident injury attorney

Carl Brown is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney based in Fresno

Motorcycle riding is a popular activity around the state of California because of the beautiful weather and incredible scenery around every turn. There aren’t many better ways to take advantage of this great place than tearing up some open road on your favorite bike. However, riding a motorcycle comes with inherent danger. Without the protection of a traditional car or truck, motorcycle riders are far more likely to be injured in an accident than other drivers are.

Despite some of the stereotypes that exist, accidents involving motorcycles are often the fault of the other driver, not the motorcyclist. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to further damages to compensate for all that you have lost.

Contact the office of Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer Carl Brown today to speak with our team regarding your options in this case.

What is a minor accident to the driver of a car could be a major injury for the rider of a motorcycle.

  • If a car fails to stop in time and rear ends a motorcycle that is waiting at a light, the rider of the motorcycle could be knocked off the bike and seriously injured.

  • Even a low speed collision can mean major injuries under the wrong circumstances.

You shouldn’t have to pay for your lost time at work and large medical bills because another driver acted in a negligent manner.

When you take a few minutes to call our offices today, we will be glad to offer you a free consultation.

Our team is experienced in dealing with motorcycle accident cases, and Carl Brown has worked on many personal injury cases in California courts.

We hope to receive your call soon and get started working on your behalf.

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