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Distracted Driver Accident

Are you the victim of a distracted driver accident?

Carl Brown is a personal injury attorney based in Fresno, California

If there is one area of driving law that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, it is the distracted driver laws.

With the increased popularity of cell phones, more and more drivers are getting into serious accidents while distracted by:

  • sending a text message

  • checking their email

  • making phone calls

These distractions can result in a car accident or a pedestrian accident. These accidents can be some of the most dangerous on the roads of California because they often involve the vehicle crossing the center line and not even hitting the brakes before an impact.

If you are the victim in a crash where the other driver may have been distracted, be sure to call our offices right away.

Our team will be happy to come to your aid and fight hard for the damages that you may be entitled to.

Distracted driving can actually mean any number of different ways in which the driver had his or her attention pulled away from the job of operating the vehicle.

Among the possible ways that a driver can be distracted include:

  • Cell phone usage

  • Eating while driving

  • Fiddling with the radio or CD player

  • Looking in the mirror to check makeup or hair

  • Reading a map for directions

If the accident has left you unable to work or facing a mountain of medical bills, you may need to take further legal action rather than just relying on the insurance settlement.

Our team understands the laws of the state of California and will work hard to make sure your rights are represented in court.

Call our office today for a free consultation into the details of your accident and situation. We will get right to work on building your case and making an argument for the damages that you are entitled to receive.

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