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Daycare Negligence

Is your child the victim of daycare negligence?


Carl Brown is a personal injury attorney based in Fresno, California

Those that are employed to care for our children have a large responsibility on their shoulders. When parents trust individuals to care for their young child, they are doing so with a large amount of trust. Normally, that trust is warranted and the child is cared for with love and attention. However, there are cases of neglect in the daycare industry, and those cases need to be handled swiftly and seriously. If you are concerned that your child is the victim of daycare neglect and you would like to consider legal action, call our offices right away for a free consultation.

Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer Carl Brown is experienced in the personal injury courts of California and will work hard for your best interests.

Some acts of negligence are more overt than others. Among the possible ways that a daycare can be deemed negligent include the following:

  • Insufficient staff to child ratio

  • General lack of supervision

  • Physical abuse

  • Emotional abuse

  • Failure to comply with safety standards

  • Failure to comply with state and federal child care laws

Any of the above can put a child in a dangerous situation and at risk of serious injury or other harm.

There is no excuse for negligence in this setting, and any signs of trouble should be completely investigated and examined.

Protecting the children involved should be the first priority of all adults in the situation.

To speak with our team regarding possible legal action in the case of daycare negligence, call our office right away for your free consultation.

We look forward to speaking with you and offering our assistance in this serious matter.

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